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Since the explosion of the Internet the delivery of information in an electronic form has shifted from discs to web sites. While a website is a remarkably efficient way to distribute texts and images to a broad community, it is less able to cope with large quantities of media rich content like movies and sounds. Nor can it handle complex interactivity.

From small presentation aids to complex interactive displays,. Powerpcweb has substantial experience in designing, developing, delivering multimedia solutions and preparing them for distribution.

Powerpcweb provides a full range of multimedia design services

We are able to produce and save on multimedia supports (CD-ROM, DVD, VHS etc.) promotional videos, presentations, gingers, three-dimensional animations and other high-quality services at prices that are affordable even for small and medium-sized companies, to be used as support for the company’s sales or technical area. Each presentation is enriched with video and audio effects to give the corporate image a captivating impression that hits the mark.

Our services are:

Photo shooting
Study of photographic shooting and lighting in studio or outdoors with digital or reflex cameras with relative photo retouching on computer.

Study and video shooting in digital quality with relative editing and optimisation.

Design and realisation of animated films with dynamic graphic elements for multimedia CD/DVD/USBKEY and websites.

3D graphics
Three-dimensional constructions that make it possible to see a project developed even before it is physically completed. The most obvious advantage is being able to verify the effects of each design choice in terms of shapes, materials or dimensions at the very moment it is implemented and the consequences on the final product. These technologies help to realise the idea with greater fidelity, drastically decreasing the possibility of error and giving the project great added value from a commercial point of view.

Customisable audio and sound montages that allow the user to be more involved in the message of the communication.